I’ve been looking forward all week to tonight. Mute Math in LA. We even cancelled band practice so the whole band could go and get some Muted inspiration. It was 6:30 and vocal practice just ended. I was walking out to my car getting ready to drive to LA when I got that stupid still small voice in the back of this large dome I call a head.
“What a great night to spend with your kids.”
SHUT UP voice!! No seriously. Riverside…LA? Knock Knock jokes…duck taped headphones? Ringing ears from screaming kids…ringing ears from loud music?
Not even an argument. Get in the car and drive to LA, Los. (I really don’t call myself by my own nickname)
“Your kids have not really seen you since Saturday”
I SAID SHUT UP!!! They will see me tomorrow.
“But in close to 8 weeks they will have another sibling to contend with. Time is short. Days are short.”
Next thing I know I am parked in front of Brandi’s house where I know my wife and kids are having a great time without me and with 20 or so other Sandalites for the biweekly Monday Night Dinner.
I can still make the show.
Just drive down the street. Take a left. Hop on the 91 and shoot to LA.
They won’t know the difference. They think you are on your way already. They never see you on Mondays anyways. Drive Carlos. Drive.

I am sure Mute Math was AWESOME.

  • But they were not as good as the look on Heather’s face as I walked in the door. It read, “I choose her.”
  • They were not as good as my 4 year old and 2 year old screaming “DADDY!!!!” as 20 or so people witnessed how loved I am.
  • They were not as good as the look on Seanna’s face as she pulled one coupon after another out of that little automated coupon machine on the cereal isle at Vons.
  • They were not as good as Sohaila watching me scream bloody murder at the Falcons on MNF and then quietly stating, “Daddy. It’s not nice to say STUPID. Please don’t say that.”
  • They were not as good as Seanna saying, “Knock Knock…(whose there)…An elephant with a snake…(and elephant with a snake who)…Baby Losiah is on an airplane! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” I laughed too. But at her and her sister laughing like she was Dane Cook or something.

So I missed Mute Math.
They’ll be back.
But Sohaila might stop running to me soon.
And Seanna might realize her jokes suck.
And Heather might have forgoten that I need her more than my music.
Thanks Mute Math for letting me realize this tonight.