So this might be the best find I have stumbled upon in a while…Enjoy…

Everything shown here are the best apps that could put Mac users on the right track towards productivity. I’ve judged their functionality for the average Mac user, and all apps listed are Universal binaries — so they’re future-proof. I know many will enjoy them, because most are free.

:: Free Apps ::

Web Apps
:: Adium X :: The best muti-protcol, instant messenger client. Fully customizable.
:: Camino :: The best, Mac OS X-exclusive, web browser you could get — after all, it’s based off Mozilla’s previous work.
:: Chicken of the VNC :: An excellent VNC app.
:: Cyberduck :: Best free FTP, SFTP client.
:: Flock :: A browser built with the ideology of the web community. Some call it a social web browser for a reason.
:: NetNewsWire Lite :: A lite version of the well-known RSS reader. Hey, it’s free!
:: Optimized Firefox for Intel Macs :: The name says it all. It’s an optimized version of the Firefox web browser.
:: Shiira :: A Web Kit-based browser. Much better than Safari.
:: Skype :: Because VoIP keeps getting better.
:: TextWrangler :: A free, but powerful, text editor.
:: Thunderbird :: A tough app that handles all your email inboxes, courtesy of Mozilla.
:: Transmission :: The best BitTorrent client for the Mac. Gets bonus points for aesthetics.

Multimedia Apps
:: Audacity :: A great, open-sorce, audio recording and editing app.
:: CoverFlow :: A virtual representation for your iTunes library as CD boxes. This is great for a media center Mac! Are you listening, Apple? It looks like Apple was listening. They bought it and is now included in iTunes 7.
:: Democracy Player :: An RSS video downloader and player. I features a much better interface and control than iTunes’ podcast manager.
:: DivX :: Codec that allows QuickTime (thereby, Front Row) to play DivX-encoded videos.
:: Flip4Mac WMV Component :: Codec that allows QuickTime (thereby, Front Row) to play Windows Media files.
:: GimmeSomeTunes :: One of the best iTunes controllers just got better. It can be used as either a hot-key controller, or as a windowed controller.
:: Handbrake :: A DVD ripper that exports to either MPEG-4 or h.264 video. Suitable for the iPod video.
:: ImageWell :: A small, but great photo utility. Some features include watermarking, reshaping, and cropping. Great for blogs.
:: iSquint :: A multiple format video converter that exports to an iPod-compatible one.
:: MacTheRipper :: For making ripping full backups of DVDs.
NEW! :: Parsley is Anatomically Delicious :: Efficient batch and tag processing of iTunes videos.
:: PodTube :: Automatically downloads, converts, and adds YouTube videos to iTunes. (Read more…)
:: VLC :: Video Lan Client is a media player that supports most multimedia formats.

Mac Utilities
:: clamXav :: Even though Macs are mostly virus-free, getting this antivirus won’t hurt. Better safe than sorry.
:: Growl :: Delivers system-wide notifications with various plug-in options.
:: Letterbox :: A mod that turns Mail’s window into a widescreen one — perfect for such displays like my MacBook Pro’s.
:: OnyX :: An app that can adjust system preferences or optimize your machine.
:: Quicksilver :: While it’s still in beta, it’s a powerful launcher. I can’t work without. Say goodbye to Spotlight!
:: Safari Enhancer :: Just as the name implies, it allows you add various features to this browser.
:: VirtueDesktops :: Have multiple desktops without the need of an additional monitor! Similar to the upcoming Spaces feature in Leopard.
:: Todos :: An app that is capable of displaying every single app you have in a stylish, semi-transparent window.

:: Gimpshop :: Gimp, a robust, open source image editor, when it’s been modified to resemble Photoshop.
:: NeoOffice :: It’s OpenOffice — natively for the Mac, and the X11 environment isn’t needed!
:: WriteRoom :: An excellent word editor that takes up the full screen. No more distractions when working!

:: Aurora :: An app that turns your Mac into an expensive alarm clock with iTunes. It’s even Apple Remote-compatible.
:: ClearDock :: All it does is remove the dock’s background to make it crystal-clear. I know, it’s a shallow enhancement — but it does look good.
:: Google Earth :: The fantastic 3D Earth browser — available as a Universal binary.
:: Senuti :: The best iPod music importer I’ve tried yet.

:: DashSaver :: Not exactly a screensaver, but brings up your widget-filled Dashboard after a determined period of inactivity. May be handy for keeping up with the weather, stocks, and such.
:: Fenêtres Volantes :: The screensaver with the most eye candy — makes all your open windows to start flying accross the screen.
:: IdleWeb :: As recently dugg, it allows web pages to be displayed as a screensaver. Definitely great when linked to great ones like digg labs’ swarm.
:: Plasma Tunnel :: Takes your Mac into a voyage through a 3D plasma tunnel.
:: ShuffleSaver :: This screensaver takes your favorite images from Flickr and iPhoto, then shuffles them.

:: iClip lite :: The perfect clip board that resides within your Dashboard. (Read more…)

:: Great Apps That Aren’t Free… ::

:: AppZapper :: The simplicity of this drag-and-drop app uninstaller is so simple, it’s genius.
:: Boot Camp (Intel Macs only!) :: Apple’s beta of the upcoming feature to be found in Leopard. The software is free, and it allows you to install Windows if you own a copy (which aren’t free!).
:: Comic Life :: Now all your pictures can be turned to comics with ease! Anyone up for some adventures of the flatulent Super Grandpa?
:: Delicious Library :: I simply fell in love with this app. The interface, the looks, the functionality… Now I have all my DVDs, CDs, books, and videogames organized in here. (Read more…)
:: iWork ‘06 :: The productivity suite from Apple that keeps getting better each year. Now, if only some spreadsheet application included…
:: MediaCentral :: This is how Apple’s Front Row should have been. It would be the perfect multimedia app if only it supported media downloaded from iTunes.
:: NewsFire :: After recommending NetNewsWire as the best RSS reader for a couple of years, a reader directed me to this app. While it’s still an RSS reader, the looks and some options make it all worth-while.
:: Podcast Maker :: In case that working with GarageBand isn’t prime for your podcasts.
:: Transmit :: Simply the best FTP client around for the Mac.

(List found at MAC RECON)