SoapboxSo if there is one thing that is permeating to me at this conference is the lack of presence from the evangelical community. I mean we have the Catholic Podcasting Network here. And then we have me. I have learned enough to keep me busy for the next 6 months in keeping up with the big boys and plan on doing so.
Here is what I do know. The Christian versions of this conference are PACKED with church techno geeks. And they are usually filled with horrible presentations and horrible apps. And I can’t figure out why. Why? I know Church Marketing Sucks takes a daily stab at stopping the bleeding and I applaud them for it. But these events need to be filled with pastors and the church media guys filling their domes with how and why this stuff is important. I am not saying there needs to be MORE Christian podcasts out there. Lord knows iTunes needs to delete 80% of them. But there definitely needs to be better ones. So yea. I am back on the soapbox I was on at the Purpose Driven Worship Conference. Although I was only afforded time to teach on blogging I would love to be able to spread the advantages of podcasting to the evangelical community. We are behind. Far behind.
Back off the box.