Angela-1So just imagine. Getting to work at 9 AM. Working until 10:45 PM. ALL the while having someone following you around writing notes, and typing notes on you and your day. Noting opinions on how you handled certain crucial conversations. How you handled meetings you were in. How you handled meetings you ran. Click click click click. Nails typing faster than you can think on that damn little laptop. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. Then asking you what you are doing and WHY you are doing it. Probing. Questioning. Opinioning. I know that’s not a word. Then like a Civic in Fresno, POOF, she’s gone.
That was my day.
And I asked for it. Specifically.
Angela Ferraro is our gun for hire HR chick at Sandals Church. She is also owner of Axiom Consulting. She RAN the HR department at Billabong out of Huntington Beach for years. Now she runs our HR dept. Now I know the term “HR” breaks most people into hives. But not when you meet Angela. She is a straight up BALLER. She has been working with our staff on taking our leadership and time management to the next level. So last week I invited her to follow me around for a day and rip the crap out of me. Today she saw things I have never seen in 8 years of full time ministry. Mistakes. Achievements. Time wasters. She watched me as I walked in this morning and saw our network was down, spend an hour fixing it, then try to stay ahead of my day as it closed in on my arse. She smiled as it slammed me in the face around 5:15. Then she just smiled and clicked away at her keyboard as I ran around trying to recover.
I learned tons today and I am sure will learn tons more in the coming weeks as I continue to try and improve my game as a leader/shepard/worshipper.
I know you all are not as lucky as I to have an Angela to watch your every move. But if you did. What daily mistakes would they see? What would you not want them to see? What can you do better TODAY?