Picture 8-1Matt told me not to read it at night. But I did it anyways. Now I can’t sleep. Every creek. Every thump. Is 20 times louder than last night. But I can’t stop reading. You know why? Because I grew up in a nice Southern Baptist church in Atlanta where we did not talk about such things. I poked around. Did my own research. But was pretty much encouraged that this “battle” going on around me was taking care of itself.
This book is not charismatic. The author is not. He is a nice boring man who says that ALL Christians are called to practice deliverance. He calls it a privilege and responsibility of all Christians.
HMMMmmm. I’m not the pastor who jumps on the first thing he hears. But I am interested in Dr. Krafts view point. He says I should be as familiar with helping deliver people from demonization as I am with praying.
That is a heavy statement. But this pastor is always up for learning. I’ll let you know how the book was. I am about 1/3 through it.
I do know one thing is true. The enemy is REAL. And we turn a blind eye to the battle all too often.
Why does the church turn a blind eye from the battle going on around us?
Oh. And Dr. Kraft. I know the book is a few years old. But a new cover would be nice.