Check out this list of the most expensive things in their genre. It is pretty cool.
200610121342The most expensive beer… Samuel Adams sells it’s limited edition of Utopias for $100.00/24 ounce bottle. The production was limited to 8,000 copper bottles containing a brew with an alcohol content of 25 percent.
200610121343The most expensive water… The Japanese are driving the cost up even more as they cannot get enough. At this time, only 2 ounces of Kona Nigari costs $33.50 USD. If you are thinking about purchasing one gallon then you had better be ready to charge it to get soaked, the price of one gallon is only $2,144.00 USD.
200610121346The Most Expensive Guitar… Blackie, a Stratocaster owned by Eric Clapton heard sweet music when it sold at auction for $959,500.00 USD on June 25 2004.
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What is the most expensive thing you own and can carry?
Me? My wife’s 1967 Martin D-35.