OK. This one you have to click the picture and make it bigger.

Tonight we went to the Dream Halloween Fundraiser for Children with AIDS. Heather’s Uncle Rick is an event planner in Los Angeles and puts on some AMAZING parties. He runs the show and hooks it up. This is a red carpet kind of night. Lot’s of celebs bring their kids for trick or treating and the kids leave with a pillow case full of toys. Like Christmas in October. So it was a great night of acting like I did not drive up in my 1996 Camry. Here was the night…
1. The first Halloween both my kids were PUMPED for.
2. Sohaila and her makeup lady.
3. The Wicked Witch, Dorthy, and the Scarecrow. (Yea. Dorthy is slammin’)
4. Too cute
5. My Red Carpet Divas.
6. Nani, and my biscuits. Rick is Nani’s son. Nani is Heather’s grandma. Not to be confused with Nanaan or Nana. There might be a Nono mixed in the buch as well.
7. Dakota Fanning giving something away.

So it was a fun night in Santa Monica. Everyone is out cold. If you don’t have kids yet. Go make some. They are almost as fun as making them was.