And on the 7th day the blogging world shook. The hierarchy crumbled. The Father made room for the son. For on the 7th day the young Ragamuffin Soul sat equal with his Blog Father, Ethos. And the Blog God said…”It is good.”
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Picture 3-5

So now where to go? I highly doubt the Blog Father will let this go on for too long. He is touring with Third Day for goodness sake. I can just imagine it. Right
Buckinghamsbefore “Theif”, Mac softly injects in the middle of his pre song routine, “Oh. And one more thing Baltimore…Go home and link to Ethos so he can crumble Ragamuffin into a ball of Technorati bile.” The next day 5000 Jr Highers trade in their MySpaces for Typepads and I am screwed in our little chess battle. (Read about the challenge HERE)
So I will bask in Technorati glory for now.
But I do have one idea. 200? One more link. Shoot me some link love and I’ll shoot it back. And let me know if your missing from the list.
Remember… Links are love, and love is good.
And his is the best blog out there. Read it and you will see life clearer.