HaleSo I got to hang with some Ragamuffins out here in the sticks of Central Cali. Actually it’s not too bad. I am at Starbucks right now chatting with Pink Hair herself.
The first brother I got to see was Hale-Yeah. In full office glory. Don’t believe any of the pictures he posts on his blog. This is what he really looks like ALL the time.

Then I got to go hang with my man Paul. Paul is the music director at Clovis Hills Community Church. I had never met Paul before. Only through blogging. Did I mention how much I love blogging? Anyways. He gave me a tour of their new building and it is pimped out. I know the
Paul'Worship Pastor there Kimberly but had never made it out to the Hills before.
We talked music, volunteers, production, and Macs. It was cool. They are doing a great thing up here. If you are ever in Fresneck and need a church. Look up Paul.

So that was my morning. Don’t ever let anyone tell you blogs don’t develop real relationships.