Heather Hot
It’s one thing to have a hot wife. It’s another thing to have a hot wife that will get on your hog and pose for you. 😉 But my wife. Yea. My seniorita latina with more fire than Seanna on crack…Not only did she sit on my ride and pose, (man this is getting really good/bad), but she can and did take off and ride that beast for all the jealous husbands in the neighborhood to hear and see. VROOOM VROOOM.
Babe. Thank you for not marrying someone else, therefore making my life boring as hell. We have jumped off waterfalls, out of planes, cruised the open parking lots on our 2 wheeled machines, and soon will fly across the world to take in a boy without a home. I can see the jealousy in all my friends eyes as I tell of my life with you. They will read this and promise their wives it’s not true. And they should. But the truth shall set you free. And you my dear, are my freedom.
Thanks for letting me talk about how horny you make me on my blog. You are my Ragamuffin Soul.