Last podcast post for a while. Promise.
I know I asked before but I am going to ask again since we have gained at least a hundred visitors a day since I asked last. That might be the worst sentence ever written.
I need a new Ragamuffin Soulcast logo. This is the one I threw together before I knew I would make it past show 1.
It’s still on iTunes. I was checking the featured podcasts out and there were my little praying orphans. Right next to the rich pastor in Texas with the big face. What’s his name again? Ed something? Oh. Young. Looks like that Texas surgery is keeping him young too. HA! Just a joke. Calm down. Anyways.
Picture 4

Sorry Anne and J-Rocka. Papyrus conned me as well.
Let’s spell my design skills in layman’s terms. SUCK.
So. I know I have lot’s of designers and photo heads out there. Please make me something better.

Here are some looks I like…snagged from around the web. Bob‘s church. Mark from Bob’s church. Passion. YASLY. bla bla bla.
LiquidpodcastPicture 2Picture 7
Picture 3Picture 4 1

Who’s up for it?