Picture 1-7So now that I am a full fledged runner ( i can run for 3 minutes without stopping), or something like that, I cannot imagine running without my PodRunner podcast. It is everything I need to get me through my runs. DJ Steveboy puts them out once a week and they are basically the poor mans version of the 15 dollar Nike iPod mixes. Now my shoes don’t talk to my ipod. The music does not sync up with me. But after about a week or so of running to DJ Steveboy’s mixes I feel fairly comfortable choosing an hour of 160 bpm music and running like white on rice. The though that goes into the ebb and flow of the mixes is great. The BPM’s don’t change but the intensity does. So although I am not a fan of remixed house crap, when I run, I am a raver. If you need something extra to push you through your hour long runs, give The PodRunner Podcast a listen.