Woke up this morning. Moi came over with some grub. We were grubbin!!! Sohaila and Seanna wanted to go try out the brand spanking new playground KB put in our new community. FUN!!! So Sohaila and Seanna and Moses were swinging, running, playing, and shouting. I was watching Miami Ink with Moi when Lori Lynn cam barging through the door…”Sohaila’s hurt!!!”
I thought maybe a nice cut. Even some knocked out teeth. Then Heather came round the corner with So in her arms.
Heather lost it. I grabbed Sohaila and Moi sped us to the hospital. The longest 10 minute ride to Kaiser since Seanna was coming out of Heather’s wah.
The doctors were great. They popped that bad boy back in place and casted her up. So thanks for the quick shout outs for my little one. Heather has an AWESOME recap of the morning and pictures to suit. Go visit her blog and give her a mom blog hug. She needs it. Here is my biscuits arm for your viewing pleasure….
Img 9643
Img 9645
Bad dad idea of the day…
On the way to the hospital I told her that her arm made an “S” for Sohaila. She finally stopped crying, looked real hard at her arm, then screamed “Not it’s not! It’s an “R”!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!”