Blog Feelings. They are real. They get hurt. As I have begun down this slippery road called blogging, I have been presented with more than a handful of emails explaining how I have hurt one’s “blogging feelings”. Maybe I have forgotten to link to them. Maybe I have typed something in reference to a group of whom they belong. Maybe I have “insinuated” I “might” be talking about them. Maybe I have typed the word “arse” one too many times. All of these have been brought to my attention more than once over the past year or so of this blog. So I thought I would once again clarify the purpose behind this blog. I will start by declaring what this blog IS NOT.
1. This blog is not an official blog of Sandals Church (although I do work there. And link to all Sandals blogs on here. So I guess it is)
2. This blog does not represent the views of Sandals Church (although I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe Sandals. So I guess it does)
3. This blog is just a sounding board for MY opinions and should be taken as that. It is my personal space (although I am writing it for the world to see? People do comment. So I guess that is crap too)
4. This blog is written in so that people can have a look at the REAL Carlos. (although I only put what I WANT you too see up. So that is a load of crap too)

Hang on. What I am seeing here? Aha!!! I get it!!! Just because I type in on this little web page does not mean that my words go flying off into internet space where they have rules of their own. No. It looks like the same rules for my normal conversations apply here. I have to respect your digital feelings too? Son of a!!! That sucks. Maybe this blogging thing wasn’t such a good idea after all. I mean we wouldn’t want ANOTHER area of our lives to be held accountable with would we?
Let’s write with purpose. Not on purpose.
Just a nugget for your morning.
And if I’ve hurt your digital feelings…Get over it. 😉 Oh. And I’m sorry