A couple reasons for beginning to post our sets on the blog. Just 5 minute summaries.
1. We meet in a gymnasium that is a full working gym all week long. Volleyball games till 10 pm on Saturday nights. My volunteers are AMAZING at transforming it into a kick arse environment every week. Building the stage, hand adjusting lights on 20 foot ladders, wheeling out and setting up hundreds of HEAVY Bertalini chairs. No plastic folders here. Your butt is very important to us at Sandals.

2. None of my musicians are paid. Teachers, Web Designers, Baristas, Truck Drivers, Students, Dental Hygienists. The list could go on and on. They rock. So I wanted to give them props. I still don’t understand their capacity for commitment. It overwhelms me.

3. I am a worship leader/pastor. I know tons come around here. I know I search the gutters of the internet for set list ideas and arrangements. I thought I would share some of ours. We all have seen 722 and Northpoints stuff. Here is our stuff with 99% less budget. 😉

So there are a few of my reasons. I have been hesitant because I am anal and want to only put out perfection. Screw perfection. People keep coming back and singing every week for the past 7 years. Something has to be working. And somethings working in your churches too. Share your sets people.. (Ahem!!! Bobby, Justin, Chad, Pete, James, ect…)

So the category you can find these in will be Worship Leading and Set Summaries.