Thanks for all your prayers leading up to this moment on our lives. And tonight was a GREAT send off. I’ll catch up with you on the other side of the world…
Some pics from today…
Img 2142Img 2144
That my brother Eduardo Fermin Whittaker Guzman Archibold Cabbio. Got to hang with him at Tyler Mall today while he was putting up a sign at Sprint for his sign company he owns in San Diego. NonStopSigns.

Img 2165Img 2166
Isaac, Derek, Shannon, Kaia, and Leia chillin in my kitchen. Mrs. Janie throwin’ one back!!!

Img 2174Img 2173
Sarah D., Melissa. Becca and Weybright laughing at something. I think Isaac farted or something.
Img 2176Img 2179
Becca and Shannon throwing babies., Rob and Cash being G.
Img 2180Img 2185
We made a wall with a countdown and presents for each day until we come home. Becca, Bogie, and Heath.
Img 2186Img 2188
Me and Bogie. Me and D.
Img 2191
And last but not least. The woman who brought me into this world, mi mama.
Don’t worry. my dad is darker. It all makes sense when you see all 3 of us together.
See you in Ragamuffin Seoul. OOOOoooooo.