So I am on CraigsList today looking for a sofa here in Riverside. I found one. New (stolen). Sectional. Perfect condition. 250 bones. I am ready to pull the trigger. But as I pick up the phone to call the couch owner I see another item for sale directly underneath the couch listing. It is 250 bones as well. Now I am torn. Which one do I buy?
Here is the ad…

Dancing poles have become a new hot & trendy way to exercise – in a sexy way! With erotic movements – uniting dance and even yoga movements – using a dancing pole promote weight loss, increases flexibility, increases strength and balance, tones muscles and firms up the body, boosts esteem, confidence and body awareness and more! (Not to mention the new sexy moves that you can learn!)
No mounting to your ceiling so there is no maximum height you need to place the pole in! Use this portable pole and stage indoors or out – almost any place! Outside, in your garage, exercise room, bedroom etc!The Dance pole and stage are in three parts, (see photos). You are bidding on the following:
Heavy Duty 8’ Stainless Steel pole (2″ wide) (one section pole, not three sections like the other poles you see on Ebay). Used to train by some actual Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club Girls in Southern California.
2, 2’ X 4’ Sections to make a 4’ X 4’ Steel Stage with a wooden top
Floor covered in brand new shiny black vinyl

Hmmmmm? Sofa or Pole?