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As I am walking out the door this morning –

“Carlos!!! Don’t you want to pray?”

In my rush to get on with the days “tasks” I had forgotten to hold my wife and pray. So we did. A quick one. But effective none the less. Love and kisses were dispensed to the women of the Whittaker domain.
Around lunch time –

“Hey Carlos. I just got off the phone with Holt. (My heart skips a beat.) They said that Korea still has not recieved our i-600 form from the department of homeland security.”
“Well what does that mean?” (very sarcastic tone)
“It means just another roadblock in the way of bringing him home.”
“So WHY did you tell me that you were pretty sure it was THIS week?!?”
“I just assumed babe?”
“Yea. But now it will take another few weeks! At this rate we’ll never go. Bye.”

Is it not amazing what work Satan can do inside your heart? Here is my wife who has worked her ass off to make this adoption happen, and I just bite her head off. Like she sabotaged it or something. I suck. I am pissed. I am angry. I just want to go get him. And in the midst of the beauty that is adoption, I get selfish.
So I go home to apologize in person. Around 2. I feel like %#@$. She accepts my apology and bitch slaps me. Just kidding. She looks at me in the imperfect state I am constantly in and says…


So I run upstairs to steal a smack down from my girls before I head back to work. They tackle me. I laugh. Sohaila looks at me and asks…

“What’s wrong daddy?”
“I just want to go get your brother baby”
“You will daddy. But right now you can play with me.”

So simple. Yet so true. Instead of bitching and moaning about the child I don’t have yet, why not love and kiss the ones I have.
Then as Sohaila turns to run back into her pink room full of flowers, her cast catches me right in the forehead.