OK Ragamuffins. The ride had been amazing. This is it.

Just to answer some FAQ’s I’ve been getting…
B000Emwbt2.01. Pe23 .Canon-Powershot-Sd600-6Mp-Digital-Elph-Camera-With-3X-Optical-Zoom. Sclzzzzzzz
This whole trip was shot on my Canon Digital Elph SD600. Just your regular kick arse digital camera. Yea. I bought it to take pics but it became the smallest video camera in the world.
I edited these on my 15″ Macbook Pro in iMovie.
3. Boxers
4. Just kidding
5. I only gained one pound. So Booya!!!
6. No. Seriously. Just stop by. Heather loves it and I am not scared to tell you to leave when I’m done with you.
7. Yes his sisters LOVE him.
8. For all you late comers. You can catch up on all 11 episodes by clicking here

One final role call. My stats hit almost 1000 unique IP’s on Monday. And only 33 of those were people searching for images of a “penis” from Google Poland. (Click it. It’s safe.) So I’ll follow suit from my blog brothers. Who has kept up with the Ragamuffin Reality Show? And yes. I mean YOU. Blog stalker and regulars alike. Sign in one last time. Everybody now. Even those proud non commentors. Double3. Dirty Flower. Albee. C’mon. Eveybody. Sign in. I would love to hug you all one at a time. He’s home!!!