I don’t really know how to put this. So if you are easily offended stop reading.
Sunday kicked my ass. Royally.
Last night I get to church and my heart is doing the palpitate thing it does every so often. No sweat. Whatever.
Then sound check it was doing it more. I was just pissed now hoping that I would not hit me up during the set.
So as we get on stage last night I get all dizzy, faint, heart racing.
I literally, on stage, out loud, away from the mic say, “Satan. Or whoever the hell you are right now. In the name of Jesus Christ, you do not have anything on me. So leave damnit.” I just closed my eyes and battled through the set.
I smiled the rest of the night as not to bother anyone about it. Except for TJ and J Rocka. Had them pray for me.
So this morning I feel like I just went through 12 rounds. My body always is in a funk after an episode like that. They are few and far between. Which is cool. But I know that worry and anxiety are a weakness that I always need to watch out for. And last night kicked my tail. So today I am officially in a state of chill. If you are drama, don’t come near me.
There. How is that for a Monday morning hello.
Throw up a shout out for me if you don’t mind. I am pretty convinced that no sleep, a new mortgage, a new child in the wait, a trip to Korea, and being a pastor have something to do with it. 😉