So a few people have offerred to come and pray for Heather and I before our trip. Then I thought…”Carlos, Wouldn’t it be great if people all came together to pray?” So I am announcing it. Tonight. My house. 7:30 pm. Prayer Meeting. Baptists. Snakes. The whole works. Just kidding.
Seriously. If you are in So Cal and gots nothing to do tonight, I would love it if you would come out and send us off with a blanket of prayer. Don’t worry about kids. My kids have lots of toys and I ain’t planning on making this an all night thing. So as of right now it is Me, Heather, and Rob. Anyone else wanna come? 30 minutes max.
I live downtown Riverside.
If you need directions call my cell or email me.
No need to RSVP. This ain’t a Sandals Deal. Let’s just get together and pray for Losiah, Korea, and his foster family, which I am sure is hurting right now. They have had him for 6 months.
You in?