I vowed to never become “one of those” coffee drinkers. And I held out. For YEARS I held out. The coffee tasted like burnt popcorn for Holy Hustla’s Sake!!! I was a barrista for over a year at a high end bar where we ONLY served our drinks in ceramic large mouth mugs and had a walk in Cigar Room with hundred dollar cigars. If my lattes did not have a leaf pattern in the foam we got written up. So I snubbed my nose at the mess of a latte Starbucks made.
What happened? How did I get sucked in. They get at least $1.75 of my hard earned cash EVERY day for my simple grande coffee with room for cream. I walked in on Tuesday and Debrah had my grande coffee waiting for me at the counter. She said she heard my motorcycle. *sigh*
So in the 5 months or so I have been converted, I have had my same white and green cup every day. Then today it all changed.

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This disease is sickening.
Thanks Scott for making it look at least somewhat desirable. Now I’m screwed.
Your drink?