Photo 136Yesterday sucked. Why? Because my blog became something I did not ever intend it to be. Vomit. I think Chris’ comment wrapped it up. And I’m just talking about my part. I steer CLEAR of blogs like that. And I know most of you do too. I was IM’ing with Dirty Flower yesterday and we were discussing the new direction her blog has gone. Why it went that way. And it got my noodle spinning.
I actually LIKE to blog. Obviously. I Like to have fun. I Like to raise hard questions. I Like to discuss things. But how much can real discussion actually take place on a blog? We have been successful in this community of Ragamuffins countless times before. I mean the title of the blog IS Ragamuffin Soul right?
So. In closing. Why do you come by here? What draws you to this blog? To any blogs?
For me. I think the community of people who have gathered in this place is amazing. REAL relationships have formed. And for that. I will continue.