So J-Rocka(media director), P. Matt(Senior Pastor) and I were having our weekly Monday/noon creative meeting. I am sharing with them how sh**#$@ty my night was. We all felt the vibe yesterday. It was crazy. I was reviewing the 11 am service earlier today and before we hit up the second set, Matt usually ends with a prayer, as he did yesterday. Well. Lately the church either claps loudly, which is kind of weird, anyways, or nada. Neither of these actually have any bearing on their reaction towards the message. Sometimes they just like to clap. Sometimes they don’t. But yesterday was weird. Like they almost felt they “needed” to clap but could not muster up the energy to effectively slam their palms together. I am convinced it was because Matt just got done collectively kicking their teeth in with his first message on tithing in a series of 4. I know I am toothless today. Looking at my own giving under a magnifying glass makes me think twice.
So tithing. I have a feeling that after 9 years of hearing Matt talk about it every November, he is done trying to convince the church to give to God and His church. He is done trying to convince us of the benefits of tithing. It is time to talk about what we are stealing from God. And how God feels when we take what is HIS. It is going to be good. Check out the sermons here or on the podcast.
A couple of quotes from yesterday.
“Would you rather live on 100% that is cursed or 90% that is blessed?”
“Everybody wants to go to a church with a pimped out building like Harvest but nobody wants to pay the construction costs.”
“The reality is that we live in a Christian culture where there has been a movement of Christianity that has forsaken the tithe and the church lies in utter ruins. You don’t believe me, drive around the city and look at the churches that lay in ruins.”
So do you tithe? Why or why not?