Nathan usually runs staff meetings. He is the “Administrative” pastor so he does it well. Keeps us on task and focused. Well this morning Summer, our Family Ministries Director, ran staff meeting. She is more along my brain frequency. God gave her the spiritual pathway of crafts. I know it’s not in the book, but she has it. We walked in. Sat down. She passed out scissors and paper. I smiled.
“I want you to think of one word that describes what God is teaching you lately. OK. Now cut out something that represents that word.”
We had the best staff meeting we have had in a while. Sometimes a “word” limits our explanation of God in our lives.

Mine was patience. So I cut out Losiah’s face. Because I am officially DONE with waiting and have nothing left to do but wait.
If you were in my staff meeting, what would you have cut out and why?

Thanks Summer.