I find it quite humorous when I am asked where I “find the time” to blog. On more than one instance I have felt a hint of disdain. No. Not from YOU. Of’course not. But from one or 2. OK. Maybe 3.
I blog. I podcast. I video. I read your blogs. I write. I rehearse. I meeting. I marriage counsel. I pray. I study. I TIVO. I sing. I father. I husband. And that is just on SUNDAYS. And my question back to “you” (remember. Not YOU. The other guy) is…”Why are you just existing instead of living?” Here is a nugget from Carlos’ 33 years on planet earth. Stop looking at other people’s lives and comparing it to yours and start living yours. It is more fun. I promise.
So honestly. I am not talking to “YOU” It is the other guy.
Go Live.