Ph Store
OK. So this will be my first and last post about the Home Shopping Network.
My boy. My hermano. My rat tailed, redneck brother. Eric Edwards from the land known as will be selling his PIMPED OUT board game TODAY on HSN!!!
Really. Honestly. This is the COOLEST game you can buy any man over the age of 25 for Christmas. Why over 25? Because we all went to elementary schools without gameboys and PSP’s. We had to improvise. So we would make our little triangle paper footballs and flick those bad boys across the lunch tables for hours.
Eric and his guys over at Zelosport just did one better. They brought the game out for a revival.

So everyone. Today. 4:00pm PSD and 7:00pm EST tune into your local HSN channel for the NFL show and help Eric and his guys sell out all their games!!! They have 8 minutes!!!!
For those of you who don’t get the HSN channel on your TV, you can actually watch the show live on the HSN web site.
Back in college I would have made fun of E for being on the Home Shopping Network. But if this thing works, I will get to go on some great vacations throughout the years.
Who played across the lunch tables? Who dominated?