I have prayed about it.  I have slept on it.  I have sought counsel on it.  And I have decided that Ragamuffin Soul is going to take a break.  Time to rethink what this whole thing is about.  Why am I placing myelf out there for people to love and hate?  Why am I blogging?  Is this why I started?  Where do I want to go?  Is my blog still what God intended it to be?

So.  I am taking a much needed break.  I will not post again until tomorrow at noon.  Those extra 3 hours should give me the rest I need.  I think I will have figured it back out by then.  I hope I will have figured out that no one really cares if you take a blog break.  And when one does come back up from a “blog break”, the ideas are the same as before.  And that most of the time we overspiritualize these things.  It’s a BLOG, for the love!!!!  God does not care if you blog.  He has His own to worry about.  And I bet He checks His stats more than I do anyways. 

Taking a much needed break.  Pray for me.