OK. So I’m gonna do a super duper photo intensive post. Full of My fav pics of the day and not many words. That is probably best seeing that it is 1:25 AM. Here was our day in pictures.

Whittaker house – Riverside, CA

Img 3403
Jack Sparrow / Losiah Whittaker
Img 3427

Dsc 0004
Fermin Augustine Whittaker rockin the Cal Baptist Class of a long time ago ring.
Dsc 0037
Sisters/Best Friends

Whittaker Family Gathering – San Bernandino, CA
Dsc 0088
The ever growing fam. That is Kate. She is my brothers lady. Everybody say “Hi Kate”
Dsc 0104
Random. The Whittaker Cousins. From 13 to 33. I’ll let you guess who’s the oldest.

Rick and David’s Christmas Bash – Pasadena California

Dsc 0121Dsc 0129
Have I already said that my family is perfect?
Dsc 0168Dsc 0174
Just a typical backyard party at Rick’s house in Pasadena.
Dsc 0194
Who says opposites don’t attract? Uncle Rick bought Los the fancy tie and sweater. Uncle David got the leather jacket to rock it with his pops.

Dsc 0026Dsc 0142
777 Losiah / Only at Rick and Davids house will you find paintings of dogs with big boobs.
Dsc 0179Dsc 0181
If Heather ever leaves me, Queen Latifa has my heart. She is 5’11” and ALL woman. Once again. Rick and David.

So there you have it. 3 Cities. 1 day. That was fun. All the pics starting with my dad were shot on Heather’s new Nikon D40. That is why she cried.
So post some pics on your blogs. I want to see your days.