I started leading worship when I was 20. I have never had a “band”. I have never tried to “make it”. I realized I loved leading worship when this girl named Anne, no not her, walked up to me after singing “Light the Fire Again” and said, in a low raspy voice, and I quote, “Carlos. When you lead worship, you just take me to the Throne and back”. It was on.
So through the years it became less about chicks and more about God. Honest. It took a few years. Sorry Berry College.
Now that I have my ultimate chic, have a band, and have less hair, I have realized something…
I liked singing “Light the Fire Again” because it said “naked” in the song.

That was the most random thing I have typed in months. I almost deleted it. But nah. You should be able to see how my mind works unedited.
Naked and poor,