I precede this EXTREMELY sarcastic post with a simple disclaimer.
I love Abe Hernandez. I love Aurelio Baretto. I wear his clothing. I wear stuff that says NOTW. Not like on the front or anything. But you get the gist of it. It looks better than some stuff I buy at Urban Outfitters. These guys are about seeing people come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour. I am blessed to call Abe a friend. OK. Enough of that.
This post really made me smile and think. Then think and smile.
From Letters From Kamp Krusty
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How can I know, with complete assurance, that my pants are Christian?
The Bible is largely silent on the subject of my pants. I do know that most of my pants have made no profession of faith.

I can now buy Christian pants. Pants that pull no punches about where they stand. The pictured pants, for instance, are “Not of This World”, and even say “Jesus”. While they’re not “of” this world, they are “in” the world, which means they cost a tidy $80. This isn’t cheap, panted grace.

Over the years, my pants have had ample opportunity, at various church events, to come forward. Only one pair, from Sears, has done it, during a rendition of “Just As I Am” at church camp when I was 12. But in retrospect, I have to wonder: Did the pants come forward just because I was doing it, too?

Theologically speaking, there are those who would say some pants are chosen, “pre-destined”, if you will, to be Christian pants. I don’t subscribe to this (I was actually pre-destined to be Arminian.)

There are many uncertainties. One thing I’m confident of: My parachute pants are now in Hell.

Obviously Brant is being cute and sarcastic here. But it raises a good question. Where is the line?