I had 7 meetings today. 4 with 3 people. 3 with 2 people. Here is the story of one of them…
It was a small office. Three of us having a fairly important meeting. When I say “fairly”, I mean “fairly”. Two men and a woman. Talking about “fairly” important matters. The meeting is winding down and I am suddenly the focus of the meeting. Questions are being asked. Responses are being given. Then I smell it. Not like a little ooopser. No. Like the kind that you run around bragging about in the dorms. Yea. That one. I know it was not me. That leaves 2. The lady participant had been addressing me for the previous 80 seconds or so without a breath, so I figured she could not have slipped out that bad boy without some sort of pause. So that narrowed it down to the other meeting participant. It is now OBVIOUS. But not a flinch from my addressor. I am floored. I am trying to respond to her questions without breathing. Without turning to the criminal and slapping a high five. At least 2 minutes it lingered. No one said a word. The meeting adjurned with a high five and a fist pump. “Fairly” important desicions had been made. And another meeting went down where a fart was completely ignored by all parties involved.
So do you say something or not?