This is my toe.
It is by far the most repulsive and ugliest part of my body. I mean look at it. You could braid that toe hair and commit second degree murder with that nail.
SO many times the images we place on our MySpace, Blogs, ect., are the images we searched high and low for. You know. J-Rocka and I like to call it “angles”. Everybody does it. Everybody has one. I mean look at mine. When was the last time you saw me walking around like an eagle? That one pic where you hit that vogue just right. The lens hit your grill in the perfect way. Presto. Angles. You have a bio pic. Then when you actually meet that person face to face you’re like WOAH!!! Angles. Lot’s of people do the sexy eyeball angle pic. You know. The one where all you see are their eyes. Lately I have been seeing the camera looking down at your happy dome angle pic. Some just put up images of themselves as a child because they could not find the Angle. But I say lets be done with Angles!!! Let the world see that profile and double chin for all it’s glory. So I am starting the UnAngle Campaign. Show the world your worst angle. Then when we all finally meet each other, one of the 2 parties won’t have to hide their gasp then walk away whisperring…”No Way!!! Did you see their blog pic? WOW”.
Find that pic. Post it on your blog. Be free from Angles. The Truth Will Set You Free.
Who’s On Board? What is your worst feature?
Where are those clippers?