BabypewOK. So that was a WAAAAAAY over exaggerated version of what happened this morning, but the point was made. A point that further clarified why I love my boss. There is no ounce of reservation in this place. Things just fly from his pie hole while we stand in the back of the gym in awe and wonder of what just came out. Then we watch our church soak it in faster than our calloused evangelical domes can handle.
That sentence was long.
9:47 a.m…
Matt Brown preaching…
“And in the book of Isaiah, we don’t even know…”
Now looking at the lady in the front row whose kid is tumbling around and making quite a scene…
“Um. Are you OK? You know ma’am we have lots of wonderful people who would be more than happy to watch your child?”
To which she responded, no. Then gave the child a shaker.

Matt got done preaching 10 minutes sooner than normal. He was pissed. I led the songs and wondered if that really just happened. Did he REALLY stop preaching to call out the woman with the loud kid? Yea. He did. AND THEN he went on to tell the following 2 services that at Sandals, we REALLY love your kids. REALLY we do. And we have spent A LOT of TIME and MONEY to put together a kick ass kids program that your kids will beg you to bring them to every week. And that he does not want to preach another sermon “In Sin” because he is angry at you and your kid. (nervous chuckles)
OK. So he didn’t say “kick ass”, but I bet he wanted to.
What do you and your diverse Ragamuffin minds think?
The main service.
Do you let the babies in? Do you have a bouncer at the door? Do you make 1000 rules that just piss people off?
I have my opinion.
I’ll share in the midst of a good discussion once you give your opinion here.