So Heather’s phone bit the dust. Done. Kapoot.
Why am I blogging about this?
Because every-time she drops/loses/sits on her skinny little Motorola Razr, my Crackberry 8700c suddenly disappears.
I Live on my phone. Work on my phone. Email on my phone. Google on my phone. Have an unhealthy relationship with my phone.
I need my phone back.
In order to pull that off, I need to get the wife a new phone.
I might need to Live on my phone, Work on my phone, Email on my phone, Google on my phone, and Have an unhealthy relationship with my phone.
But all my wife needs to do on her phone is TALK to Jacinda (Hale-Yeah’s wifey), Tammy, and Angela for 1600 minutes a month, and not answer my calls when I really need her. 😉
What are you guys talking on? Help a brotha out.