So Heather’s sister went into labor yesterday afternoon. Heather grabbed the clan and headed to LA. This of’course left me with an available window of time to myself. Although my heart was drenched in sorrow that I could not see my family I usually make do. So I went too Borders and had a grand old time. Caught up on your blogs. Downloaded the latest edition of the Maccast and Mac Break Weekly. I grabbed my 6 favorite rags and spent time perusing them at my leisure. I thought. Good opportunity for a post about what rags I like to read. In the good old days of Typepad I could just have a nice pre-formatted linklist for you to ponder through. Not so with this grassroots WordPress thing. Here is what you should be reading…

1. HOMME+ – Because I am metro and proud.
2. Paste – Simple. Songcraft over fad.
3. MusicTech – If you have a Mac and record music on it, well, this is your rag.
4. Fast Company – Face it. Ministry is a business and these guys are at the top of the game. Don’t let your ideals blind you.
5. Mother Jones – Non-profit news rag that keeps it REAL.
6. Juxtapoz – Presents a gallery of underground artists who influence much of the fashion, graphics, and new art we see today.

So what “PRINT” pubs do you guys peruse?
It is actually quite nice to flip pages with your hands and not scroll on a mouse.