I come here to Get Things Done. I come here to put on my headphones and plow through my task list. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. At the office or home this could take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours. Starbucks is my other office. No one knocks on my door. My cell phone is off. People don’t talk to me. It is a selfish refuge of tranquility. Until around 3:15 pm when Riverside Christian Middle School and Notre Dame Highschool get out. Usually I can just turn the volume up a bit on iTunes and continue plowing through my stuff. But not this day.
[audio:kyle.mp3] Yea. I recorded them on Garage Band.
And took their pic on Photo Booth.
That was 30 seconds of the 15 minutes she talked about giving yoga lessons to her grandma and laughed loudly at all her jokes.
I felt like an OLD MAN when I turned around after 15 minutes of banter to ask them to shut up. Luckily before I opened my mouth I was greeted with, “Hey pastor Carlos!!! You have a MAC? I totally want one!!! My brother records his band in Garage Band! Do you know how to use it?”
Oh do I.
I was able to save face and continue the facade of my coolness.
Oh what a facade.