So after I started another blogger got a few of us in a short lived Big But Blogger Weight Loss Challenge. But then he disappeared.
So. I’m not gonna do that. But I am going to start a link list on the right for all of you who are tired of being FAT, and are willing to blog about it. Just take pics and post every so often or something. The only catch is…if you stop losing, the world gets to watch you fail. That is why it worked for me.
Here are the requirements to get on the link list.
1. Comment here and let me know.
2. Blog about it once in a while and USE CATEGORIES if you can on your posts. That way I can link people straight to your posts about losing weight. Not about your uncle’s, cats colon problems.

That’s it. No game. No contest. Just trying to get us all healthy. And if my lazy ass can do it then I KNOW you can do it too.
Join the club.
What are you going to change this year?