There are all types of Ragamuffins that come by these parts. We have separated them in many different ways. Today I make some separations again.

There of those of you who get things done because you are anal and you like lists and getting things done fuels you.
Flowerdust – Color Coordinated Highlighters within her planner
Rockalot – Can you really be THAT into leadership AND a gifted musician? Apparently so.
Double3 – In college I would walk in his room and move a pen from one side of the table to the other. 10 minutes later is was moved back.

Then there are those of us who have to get things done because of our jobs yet our minds are wired completely different and we spend WAY too much energy thinking about how we will get things done and when we are done we are WIPED.
777souls – I could take the sofa out of his office and he wouldn’t blink an eye.
Beyond Ordinary – My music director who is more talented than he knows how to manage.
Rick Muchow – He can be. He had an army working for him. I want his job.

Photo 407OK. Well For the last two months I have been trying something out. And it is like MAGIC. I have gone from my mind filled with a chaotic mess of deadlines and tasks to the most efficient guy on staff. (Yes. That’s my own opinion. But it’s true) How you might wonder?
A book written for ME.
Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Did you catch the second half? Yea. That’s right. Stress Free. ALL of us are getting things done. We still have jobs. Well some of us. So you HAVE to. But it does not mean you are doing it right. Or stress free.
David Allen hits it out of the park. It is like he wrote a book for creative procrastinators. But he just does not say so. He wrote a book for people who skate through life on talent alone. The system of productivity he describes is nothing short of brilliant. It is also nothing new. Just explained and put together in a way that works for creatives (I know that’s not a word). But don’t skip to the next post just because you make out with your organizational style. It has helped countless “organized” people refine their system to work better.
So. There you have it. You know I don’t review books. So when I pull one of these bad boys out for a post you know you need to go buy it. And yea. I did the audio book on iTunes.
A few links to get you familiar…

So. Which camp are you in? Are you already Getting Things Done? Or do you need to read this with me?
Chime in.
(ht to Scott Hodge for linking to this stuff or I would have never known.)