Photo 410
So I have had a busy morning. Early meeting at 8:15. Office at 8:45. Next meeting at 9:30.
Then Daley managed to get in somewhere in there. That was by far the best part of the morning. As we are walking around downtown Riverside, my cell phone suddenly starts giving me my “email” chimes. Nothing new. But like 4 in a row. Who cares right?
We get back to St. Arbucks and I look at my trusty little Blackberry Pearl. I have 4 messages from
Then I look up in my list. There are 3 sent messages. 4 outgoing messages. All to SUCKYES@(my username and password for 3 accounts).com
I got that quick sweat sensation. Then a quick heart palpitation. Someone has hacked my Blackberry. Someone named “SUCKYES” has my username and password to my mortgage company, banks, and email accounts. So my trusty 2 finger typing sprung into action. Within 20 minutes all my usernames and passwords were changed. I just hope it is not too late. I have no idea where that info was just hanging out either. Obviously not in a safe place. I feel violated. Kinda like those girls in Starbucks the other day.