I am a night owl. I go to bed around 2 AM. Normally time is filled with my blogging for the next day, kicking 11 year olds tails in Madden ’07 on my XBOX 360 over XBOX Live, or catching up on my DVR list. But for some reason last night I was flipping through the stations and I saw a face. A face that was as gripping today as it was 15 or so years ago when I was gripped by his demise. Jim Bakker. So I pulled out my handy ELPH 600 and hit record. Ghetto. I know.

I felt lots of emotions during this show. Primarily I felt like I was watching a train wreck and I couldn’t look away.
Then I felt sarcasm. Jokes filled my dome about that man Jim Bakker and his reality show ex wife Tammy Faye.
Then I felt disdain for a man who got what he had coming to him.
Then I felt pain to see a 67 year old man remembering the misery of prison.
Then I felt sadness for his family as I thought “what if?”, about my dad, who is 64, being locked up.
Then I felt like the HR Director for the PTL Club should be the one who went to prison for hiring Jessica Hahn to be the man’s secretary.
Then I remembered he drugged Jessica and raped her and I felt bad for the previous feeling.
Then I remember thinking in 6th grade, “I hope I have a secretary that looks like Jessica Hahn when I’m old”
Then I felt relieved I don’t.
Than I felt like I have a LOOOONG way to go in my faith journey because I am a calloused, insensitive, minister.

That was all in like 10 seconds.
What does this video stir up in you?

Lest You Fall.