“this may be corny but i just saw a very cool commercial. it was from Kleenex. they are doing a whole campaign around the slogan “let it out”. i think it registered with something within me because i have always been an advocate of emotional expression. i like to celebrate when i see evidence that the world is changing. this time it’s through a TV advertisement that embraces the importance of expressing our feelings and having a Kleenex box nearby. things are looking up when feelings are welcomed and encouraged in a 30-second TV spot.

from – “It’s time to let it out. You in or you out? It’s time to LAUGH until you CRY. SCREAM until you spit. Show your HEART and show some tears. SING at the top of your lungs. Jump for JOY. And when tons of STUFF stuff up your nose. BLOW it loud and blow it proud. It’s time to let it out.

been holding something back? it’s ok. but now it’s time to let it out.”

Do you cry in public?

(ht: Pink Hair Herself)