So it’s the official launch date of Windows Vista. Here are a few screenshots…

Windows is an operating system that runs on these off white boxes called PC’s.
One of the coolest features that Vista is shipping with, is this new smaller keyboard.

1-24-07-Microsoft Tech Support

And last but not least. I think it is BUNK that people keep claiming that Microsoft Vista just up and ripped off OSX. This is NOT TRUE AT ALL. During these last 5 years of getting Vista ready for the PC world, LOTS of original thoughts went into Windows Vista. I found a guy on YouTube that PROVES Microsoft did not rip off Apple.
(It gets a bit choppy around 1:00 but let it play for a few seconds and it fixes…)

So there you have it. Don’t say I don’t pay Microsoft their due. I am an equal opportunity blogger. I just spent 3 minutes putting this Microsoft Blog Tribute Celebration Post together.

So who is running out to grab their copy of Vista today?