Seuss GrinchpcSo I feel like I need to explain why.
I was not out to prove a point.
If you want a video on your blog you have to get the code from You Tube or Google Video. Simple. So in order to post the video on I had to place it there. That’s just how it works people.
Well. This thing has taken a life of its own. And I am all for taking a stand. But for important issues. I spoke with a staff member at Mosaic on the phone and let them know that if they felt like I should take it off I would. They did. So I did. And I actually was going to anyways.
But. They made a point that there was no Sandals video online. Good point.
Although I took the Mosaic video down, I will be putting a Sandals video up. You know how we do it at Sandals. Real to the point of uncomfortableness. Listen to Matt’s message last week and you will know what I mean. I already have a few “never been to Sandalites” ready for this experiment.
So in a first at Ragamuffin Soul. PC has won out.
I’m all about making cool videos. I’m just not about pissing off people when the point was not to piss people off, but make our church experience better.