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This blog started in 2005.
This blog grew in 2006.
This blog will now change in 2007.
What will the changes be you ask?
“Carlos, what will the changes be?”
Thanks for asking. Here are 5 of the changes you will see in 2007…

1. The date after the post titles will now be followed by 2007 instead of 2006. This change is great for some of you. Maybe for those who are 20 years old and in need of a beverage.
This change will suck for some of you. Maybe for those of you who are 39 years old and have had one too many beverages.

2. My “Top 5 Blogs” will now be titled “Top 2 Blogs”. The title change is because there will now be only 2 blogs listed under the title. Thus it would be inappropriate to title it “Top 5 Blogs” because there will only be 2 blogs listed. It would be weird if I kept it “Top 5 Blogs” seeing that there are now only 2.

3. I will stop saying the word “ARSE”. I typed it in 14 different posts last year. I typed the word “arse” instead of the word “ass”. But you all knew what I meant. I typed “ass” in 17 different posts last year. So in an effort to improve consistancy, “ass” will be used instead of “arse”.
Because we all know that.. “Heck is a place for people who don’t believe in Gosh”

4. I will stop trying to get you to link to me just so my stats in Technorati will rise. I will therefore beg you to link to me so that my stats in Technorati AND del.icio.us will rise. So yea. keep the link love coming. And keep letting me know if your links are broken on my sidebars. I know. I’m a recovering Stat ho.

5. I am going to stop referring to myself as Los. That is lame. Instead I will now refer to myself only as Os. I am going to drop the “L” because I am more like an operating system than I am a Hispanic adjective. I might not be as slick as OSX but I think I could kick OS 8.5’s arse. Crap. I did it again.

It’s late. This is getting really stupid.
Hope you had a Jolly Beginning of the Year.

Some stats that some of my favorite blogs have been dishing out have been interesting to read. Here are mine…

  • A lot of blog posts (You don’t really care do you?)
  • Lot’s of unique visitors (I think you are all unique. Even those of you who come back 3 times an hour. But if you do then google analytics tells me that you are not unique anymore. But I say screw them.)
  • Many page views (But I know most of them are you Shannon so that number has to be a bit skewed. 😉 And I know that my mom hits refresh at least 5 times on her browser just to pump up my stats. Thanks mom.)

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Blog.