Ragamuffin FinalSo needless to say it has been over 60 days since the last Soulcast. I know a lot of you have ended up here because of that. If this is you. Read on. Some of you have no idea what I am talking. If this is you, go buy me a Tiddy Bear.
I still have a passion for this podcast. Every day there are still about 18 to 20 complete downloads off iTunes. Each show has been downloaded about 2000 times. We are still the most downloaded podcast in the worship genre. But truth be told, it took me about 9 hours to produce the show. That is 9 hours that Losiah needs me to play with him.
So. I have listened to the masses. ALL 10 of you.
And we are going to shift the show around a bit.
Instead of the massively intense production that it is I am going to cut it down to 10 minutes. The average time that it takes most of us to drive from point a to point b. This I am hoping will produce…
1. A more to the point show.
2. A better listening experience.
3. A higher volume of shows.
When it comes to Worship Podcasts there still has been no great explosion. And the ones that are out there are still focusing on different things than I.
So. Here is where you come in. I need help. I am offering these Highly rewarding positions as part of the “staff” of the Ragamuffin Soulcast. Please let me know if you would like to help produce the show.
a. 2 show researchers – You must be addicted to blogs and like to find the next big thing before anyone else does.
b. 1 show engineer – You must have a Mac with the latest version if Garage Band
c. 2 on location correspondents – Preferably someone who can go to other churches, concerts, and conduct interviews.
d. 1 show assistant. – Show notes, Upload to iTunes, ect.

So there you have it. That is the team I think could produce a kick A show. I will begin to do it alone and will hope for some help.
Let me know at loswhit@gmail.com