So I wanted you guys to know of some other resources out there.
I started doing the Worship Confessional a while back and found it a good resource for others out there. Letting people know that it is not perfect ANY WEEK. And there have been other confessionals of sorts popping up from Worship leaders around the country. Here are a few that I have found. I tune in each Monday morning to hear their thoughts and STEAL THEIR SETS. Ain’t no shame in my game.
Picture 1-25Picture 2-18
Picture 3-12Picture 4-6
Top left – Your Mom, Sandals Church, Riverside, CA
Top right – Coffee House for the Soul. Shane Caskey. Trinity Bible Church. Lafayette LA
Bottom left – life music ministry. Jon Lloyd, Church of Celebration. Pheonix AZ
Bottom Right – SENSINGTHESHIFT. Jerad ? , , Tallahassee FL
Let’s get some more worship leaders on board. Let me know if you are doing this. I’ll be putting a link list of Worship Confessionals on my sidebar sometime this week.
Confess Yourself.