There is this cool concept that I am trying. It is called having a family life. See I just bought this nice new house. It is in downtown Riverside. My wife, 2 daughters, and son live there with me. We breathe the same air. We eat out of the same fridge. We trip over the same Barbie Corvette parked at the bottom of the stairs. We sleep in the same bed.
Well, at least from 6 to 7 AM. Man, Seanna’s feet are cold in the morning. And she must know my butt is warm cuz she sticks those cubes right on those cheeks right around 6:30 am.
It’s a nice home. With nice people inside. PEOPLE I HAVE NOT SEEN SINCE SUNDAY.
I realized on the drive home today that Sunday at 3 pm was the last time I had seen Losiah. It is Wednesday.
I realized on the drive home I had seen Sohaila about 45 minutes since Sunday at 3.
I realized on the drive home I had seen Seanna about 55 minutes since Sunday at 3.
I realized on the drive home I had seen Heather about 65 minutes since Sunday at 3.

Sunday – Went to church at 3 pm. Got home at 9 pm. Sleeping familia.
Monday – Left the house at 8 am Sleeping familia. Got home at 8:45 pm – Seanna and Heather were awake. So and Los were sleeping.
Tuesday – Left the house at 7:30 am – Sleeping familia. Got home at 11:45 pm – Sleeping familia
Today – Left the house at 8 am – Sleeping familia. Got home at 4:30 pm. – BIG tackles from my girls but Losiah was sleeping. I had not seen his eyes open in 3 days. Screw this. I woke him up. We had an AMAZING NIGHT.

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Spelled the kids names with my alphabet letters in my chicken noodle soup.
Helped Seanna iron pajamas with her play ironing board for an hour.
Kept making noises until Losiah laughed at one of them. That took like 30 minutes. He’s a tough one to please.
Chased Sohaila around the house acting like I was going to fart on her head. Heather made me stop.
Piled in the Suburban and hit up Baskin Robbins.
Went to Daddy’s office so Heather could see another adult human being for the first time in 7 days.
Came home and fell asleep on the top bunk because Seanna kept doing the “I want you daddy” thing.

You know the set this Sunday is really going to be good. We worked hard on it. The production has been all mapped out. The team had a GREAT meeting Monday night. The vocals sound amazing. We learned a new tune this week. Sandals happened. It always does. It has for the past 9 years.
But it will happen with or without me. And so will my family.
Trying not to be “That” dad

Thanks for enduring my self pitying rant.