You rarely, if ever, remember what you got for Christmas the year before. I know people who have realized this and decided to stop spending hard earned money on frivolous material objects. They have decided to put the money into something that will last longer. Like ministries/savings/college funds/ ect. The things we get often get forgotten anyways.
I started thinking about this. I can’t remember one thing I got last year. Sorry H. I really can’t. So. I am going to follow suit.
I am going to blog about my presents. This way, next year, I will remember and I don’t have to make rational, mature decisions like some of my friends. 🙂

The first gift I got was the new Blackberry Pearl.
I LOVE THIS PHONE. It still provides me with all the Crack that my Crackberry junkie self needs and throws a few extras in as well.
This is why I need a phone. In order of need.
1. Email.
2. Internet.
3. Voice Calls.

Photo 338Photo 339
Photo 341Photo 342
That is why I love the Crackberries. They do email like it should be done on a mobile device. It just works.
I have had a few. The last was my Crackberry 8700c. I loved the full Qwerty keyboard. I loved the big screen. But It was BIG.
Blackberry has outdone themselves with this SEXY Slim phone. They have done away with the scroll wheel and added a glowing little “pearl” in the middle of the phone that scrolls around like a Mighty Mouse. You still get a QWERTY keyboard but your letters have to share keys. The SureType software has made this possible and it works 99% of the time. But I’m not writing essays on this thing.
This phone is the closest thing to a Mac on a phone I can find. It also does great pics.
Here is a pic of Daley’s boot I took on Sunday.
Img00102So if your in the market for a phone and you rely on email as a primary source of communication, there is no other.
How many of you are Crackberry addicts?
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