Can I rhyme Lows and Olds? I don’t think so. O Well.

It is not cute anymore. It has turned into an epidemic of sorts. A disease that has swept the Whittaker girls and is infecting them more and more each day.
I fault Heather. She got them started a few months and they won’t stop. They have the entire movie memorized. Every song. Every word. Every note. And I think it is Sohaila’s calling in life to sing the songs louder every day than she did the day before. Louder. LOUDER.
So tonight she was in my office after I had a real crappy day. She found one of my wigs I wear on bad bald days and asked me to take some pics. When she saw them she said…”I look Like ANNIE!!!” Who cares if Annie has red hair? Not my future Broadway star. Then it was on. The disease commenced for the evening and did not stop for at least 2 hours. Singing OVER and OVER again. Here is a small taste…

When the show was over my poor son got what you knew was coming all along. Poor Kid.
Img 4080Img 4083
Img 4086Img 4091
I know somedays he goes to bed thinking…

“OK. I swear a few weeks ago I was being coddled to sleep by a nice Korean woman who whispered sweet Korean rhymes into my soul and everything was nice and soft. Nice and Quiet. Lots of bowing. Lots of etiquette. What happened? Where am I? Are these 2 little girls for real? When will they stop dragging me around the house, dressing me in wigs, and placing stickers all over my face? My other daddy didn’t walk around the house in his underwear in the middle of the day belching loudly while rapping old N.W.A. songs.”

Sometimes I swear I can read his mind.
I love my life, my wife, and my strife.
I can’t stop rhyming. I should probably go write a hymn or something.
Anyone wish to translate that version of Tomorrow? Lol.